On-Prem Analytics

On-prem refers to businesses who chose to purchase and manage hardware, software, and databases at their facilities. The alternative to on-prem is "Hosted" and "Software as a Service" (SaaS).  Decisive BI's on-prem services provide leadership in architecture, design, development, and implementation of analytic platforms.


Your company has asked you to build a data warehouse. How hard can it be?

You create a charter, set up a steering committee, and begin architecture and building the solution. Do you know the most important factors for success? For seasoned professionals, the work is not difficult. They know that data modeling, design, and integrity is paramount to success. They also know how to visualize data in a way to help data consumers better understand the business.


Engage professionals to assist with the scoping, design, and communication back to the business. One benefit of engaging Decisive BI is the flexibility to use as much or as little services as necessary. Maybe you are looking to validate your business case or project charter. Or, you are looking to outsource the entire development effort. In other cases, you are looking to expand your team by adding analysts, developers, or testers. We can help ensure that your project is successful.

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Productive work at fair rates

Experienced staff

Candid and transparent problem identification & resolution